Connor Grogan was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1983. He completed an International Baccalaure- ate at St. Andrews College, Dublin, in 2000 and Foundation Studies at Wimbledon School of Art, London, in 2001. He has lived and worked in Melbourne since 2008.

While Grogan’s work is intentionally ambiguous, subtle visual cues and references allude to his interest in the way in which history is constructed - or manipulated - to suit the needs of the author – or authority – and how that in turn shapes - or often controls - our present and future. Imbued in this perspective on human relations and historical precedent are narratives around the accelerated scientific and technological discoveries made in the 20th century and the dual nature of our relationship to this knowledge.A part of this underlying subtext relates to how these innovations and inventions are used to improve our lives and yet the drive for many of these discoveries arose out of paranoia and fear of disease, invasion, war, and the like.

Grogan’s work collides these elements, analysing their facts and fictions, comparing discrepan- cies in their different forms, reimaging events, as well as adding his own fictions to synthesize distorted or alternate futures.